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At the Secret Catch Project we learn about the history of Eastbourne fishing families.

We meet in the gallery every Wednesday from 3pm until 5 pm and there are currently twelve members of the group.

Ted Hyde, who is a local author, has written two books about his family’s fishing background attends our school every week to. He has brought in plenty of interesting things for us to look at during our object handling session, for example, medals, old photographs and drawings, a telescope and even the backboard of a boat! It was really interesting.

We had an in-depth investigation of these objects when we had our object handling session.

We also had a session where we learnt about oral history. We learnt that it’s a process of recording and preserving. There are three steps: discovering, documenting and interpreting.

We learnt how to interview, and we are video recording our interviews and tape recording them. We learnt about keeping eye-contact, maintaining a consistent volume throughout the interview, and trying not to ask yes or no questions. If we do end up doing so we were learning about how we should ask things like ‘can you tell me more about that’.

We are also going to go on lots of trips the first was to the seafront to take photographs of places where some of Ted’s old photographs or drawings to see how much they have changed. All this is heading towards a heritage exhibition on Friday 23rd February 2018 for a private viewing 6pm-8pm.

The exhibition closes on the 7th March 2018. The project is run by Community Stuff a charitable company that runs lots of projects to teach life skills to people in the community.

We have and online blog so that people can keep up to date with what we’ve been doing. The blog address, is

For anyone else interested in joining the Secret Catch then come to the Gallery for 3pm each Wednesday!

Written Amy Briffitt, Year 9.