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Our students from Causeway School visited the old Net Shop by the fishing station on the seafront in order to view the last pleasure boat of Eastbourne.

Lloyd Stebbings gave a presentation about the restoration project that is currently underway on the The Southern Queen. The Southern Queen was built in Westham in 1947 because it was too big to be built in their boat yard.

southern queen

The Southern Queen, along with it’s sister boat the Eastbourne Queen was purchased by the Allchorn family in 1965 however they sold off the Eastbourne Queen as it wasn’t as good as the Southern Queen.

In 1994 Brian Allchorn sold both boats and they ran it for a few years however the last owner wasn’t able to maintain the boats and eventually were left on the beach to fall apart. 6 years ago Lloyd got involved and a year ago he was able to get the boats into the shed to start the restoration project.

Before the boats were left to ruin pleasure boating was around for 230 years in Eastbourne and the Southern Queen is now the last pleasure boat in Eastbourne.

Next week we will be going through the data we have recorded so far in preparation for the exhibition on 23rd March next year. 

See you all at the Gallery from 3-5pm at the Causeway Gallery for any students wanting to get involved.

You can view the photographs here.