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This week we’ve started to pile together some of our favourite photographs and started to learn how to display them in the Causeway Gallery in preparation for our Exhibition in March.

secret catchThe photographs on display show the journey that we have been on in learning about the history of Eastbourne fishing families. So far we have learned about oral history, how to handle objects. Learned and experienced in interviewing Ted Hide, visited the seafront, heard all about the RNLI and the part fishermen took in rescuing people from the sea and witnessed the restoration of the last pleasure boat in Eastbourne… and that’s just for starters.

Some of our students have contributed to our online blog and here’s some of the latest writings:

“The week was organised. We put photos, information and writings on display boards for the event. We put it all in chronological order so we we can see what we have done each week” Riann (year 9).

“This week we started putting together the exhibition for a few months time. It was amazing watching all of our work coming together and seeing all of our hard work” Sophie (year 9).

“Today we re designing our expedition with everything we have collected throughout the 7 weeks. It is looking amazing (due to my amazing organising skills) and there is a lot of information about Ted’s (our great book of information about fishing) family and their experience of fishing” Reece (year 10).

“This week at the Secret Catch meeting we started putting up our exhibition. We also neatly organised Clare’s paintings around the gallery. Riann and Sophie wrote up some information about some of the photographs. It was fun to look at what we’ve done over the past few weeks, for example our trips to the seaside and to see the last pleasure boat in Eastbourne, our object-handline session, oral history week and more. We also look forward to more weeks of learning more and adding to our display”. Amy (year 9). 

View the gallery here.