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This week we had a very windy trip to the Seafront.

Starting off near the Sea Beaches we walked to the Redoubt to try and locate the buildings that were in Ted’s photographs from 1884. We also found a secret plaque that has been left on seafront so we had to take some photographs.

We had a quick stop at the Langham Hotel to view the bathing huts and found the location of the old Lifeboat House.

We took more photographs off the Sea Beach Hotel and visited the house that Ted Hyde’s family owned (which was next to the old sweet shop).

We’ve had a great time listening to Ted talking about the changes to the seafront in Eastbourne including an old ghost story.

We then finished off the afternoon with an ice cream at fusciardi’s. What a great day to end the afternoon.

We have taken several photographs which you can view in the gallery.

Students from Causeway School are welcome to join us every Wednesday afternoon in the Gallery from 3-5pm.

Next week Paul Metcalfe MBE rom RNLI will be joining us as he shares his stories about the history of fishing families in Eastbourne.

You can view photographs from the trip to the Seaside here.